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In this day in age, few businesses continue to thrive if they don’t reach out to a wider marketplace over the internet. Businesses big and small rely upon the internet to help them expand their business to different cities, states, and countries around the world. Having a website isn’t just about reaching out to new customers. A website can serve various supporting functions for your business. A solid, reliable website can help companies stay in contact with their customers and help solve their problems with the click of a button. Although maintaining website may seem complicated, you don’t have to do it alone. Start your journey online with a stop at is dedicated to helping businesses big and small alike find the right hosting company to assist them in establishing a reliable website for their business. While anyone could find a company to host their website through a simple online search, there is no assurance that the group they choose will be able to adequately meet their needs. Worst of all, an online search could return so many options it may seem overwhelming and turn the individual off on the process.

This is why provides the services they do. Jumping into the world of ecommerce and web hosting can be confusing and complicated, but is dedicated to helping individuals find the right hosting group. Among the helpful features provided by is a ranking and comparison system for all the major hosting companies available. Included in reviews are the following:

  • Ranking of hosting companies based upon services provided, beginning with their top pick
  • Comparison of storage and band width provided by the various groups
  • Information about pricing packages from various companies
  • Quick reviews that provide more in depth information about each companies upside and downside’s ranking system is based upon a 100 point scoring system. Each company begins with a score of 100 and as reviews and tests the services provided by various web hosting groups, they detract points when negative situations arise. Their scoring system works as follows:

  • Ongoing equipment failure results in a maximum loss of 40 points
  • No power back up systems results in a loss of 10 points
  • No daily tape backup of servers results in a loss of 5 points
  • Support: Various areas of support are graded ranging from failure to resolve issues to the availability (or lack thereof) of different forms of customer service and support. Points are docked ranging from 40 points for major problems to 5 points for lesser issues.
  • Standard extras: also grades groups on the presence or lack of thereof of extra services such as sub domains and domain add-ons. Groups without them lose 10 points for a lack of each.

Companies aren’t just graded by a list of services they do and do not provide. goes as far as to test all the services that companies actually provide. For each of the companies that reviews, they offer in depth overviews of what the company does well and what they do not do well. All of this information is passed along to potential consumers, allowing them to make informed decisions about which company to trust with their internet business.

The list of services provided by doesn’t end at judging the quality of service provided by web hosting companies. They also offer businesses big and small with online assistance when it comes to building and maintaining their company websites. In addition to web hosting reviews, also provides potential website owners with the following services:

  • Web Design Tutorials
  • Web Hosting Tutorials
  • Domain Name Guide
  • Free Web Page Design

Within these categories of service lie a wealth of information just waiting for future website owners and designers to tap into in order to successfully set up their own websites. Among the biggest benefits of using is that they are not afraid to provide you with the 100% truth in web hosting services. The following are features no other website would provide to consumers:

  • Tips to avoid common web hosting marketing trips
  • List of Web Hosting companies that should be avoided
  • A dictionary of terms that might confuse newcomers to the web
  • Individual live support

While these may seem like miniscule benefits, is dedicated to providing customers with the best information possible. They inform customers of common marketing scams run by web hosting companies such as claims of “unlimited” bandwidth, an impossible option given all hard drives and therefore websites have a set space. is not only dedicated to informing consumers of the best possible web hosting groups, they are also concerned with helping customers avoid the dangerous websites that outright lie to users.

Lastly, there are two final features on that are of vital importance to customers. First is a list common internet terms used by web hosting companies that might confuse newcomers to the online business game. Knowing these terms can mean the difference between knowing what you are talking about and looking like a fool. For those who do struggle with their new online business and don’t get the help they need from their provider, has their own in-house support for customers to use as a backup option. is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to launch their own website for their business. From looking for a web hosting company, to designing a website, to resolving their problems; every individual will find what they need to build a successful online business with the help of