Download Editor

Unless you want to learn how to program HTML by hand one line of code at a time, you will need to purchase or download a good HTML editor from the net. An HTML editor is a tool that generates a computer program from a sophisticated word processor. There are many good HTML editors available and many are freeware or share-ware products.

Microsoft provides a good HTML Editor with its free Internet Explorer web browser called FrontPage Express . Netscape’s Composer, is also sufficient. If you have recently downloaded one of these two web browsers, you might already have a copy of one of the HTML Editors on your computer and not know it. Be aware that some HTML editors are large and can take a while to download.

Once you have purchased or downloaded the program file, you’ll need to install the HTML Editor on your machine. If you haven’t yet installed a computer program, click the Windows “start” button and follow the instructions for adding applications under “Help”.

We highly recommend the MSN Front Page 2003 software as the best HTML web design tool. This page and all of our other 2170 web pages online are built with Front Page 2000 and 2003.