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The Best Web Hosting Technical Support Offer On The Internet

Double Technical Support ®

We are the only web hosting services Review Site online that offers Double Technical Support. Double Technical Support is our unique way of getting your web site up and running online quickly and with as little headache to you as possible. Not only will you receive the normal tech support offered by your new web hosting company, but we’ll be working right along side you for those initial critical steps necessary to going online.

Our assistance offered to you:
If you choose to sign up with a web hosting company
through us (HostingCompanies.com) we will assist you
with the following as part of our Double Technical Support:

Disc Space and Bandwidth
We will analyze your expected web hosting needs for disc space and bandwidth allotment according to site size, use, file type, media type, and page views.

Server Software
We will analyze your web site’s server installed software needs including expected uploads, downloads, and image and data file handling and storage. We’ll then make informed suggestions as to your best choices.

Best Choice
We will give you honest advice about choosing the very best web hosting package through the most suitable web hosting company for your particular needs without your needing to spend more money than necessary.

Sign Up
We directly assist in signing you up with your new web host or we will answer any questions you have regarding sign up.

Security Advice
We’ll gladly advise you on use of, and access to, your credit card information online, and even explain why it should not be stored in your home computer.

DNS Record Change
Change your domain registry DNS (Domain Name Server) record to point to your new web server.

Server Email
We will assist in setting up your email system in your web hosting server including: Email addresses, email catch-all boxes, and email forwarding.

Avoid Spammers
We’ll give you priceless advice on how to avoid having those hated Spammers find your web site email addresses within your web hosting server.

Home or Office Email Forward
We give you detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up your home or office PC to auto-download email from your new web server directly to your desk top.

How we do it:
Our assistance to you in setting up your web server can be handled by email with our giving you step by step instructions or we can access your new server (with your permission) and set up any of the features you desire to use.

How do the web hosts feel about HostingCompanies.com offering Double Technical Support?
They love it. We work as your liaison, your web hosting counselor, if you would. We have seven years web hosting experience and we know the technical terms needed to make things happen smoothly between you and your new hosting company.

Doesn’t the web hosting company offer a sufficient technical support service?
Web Hosting companies sell web hosting services to thousands of customers, some larger web hosting companies handle tens and even hundreds of thousands of clients. Many hosting companies employ only a few tech support members and some of them need additional assistance. Many are floundering due to high costs to keep enough tech support members on board. We offer a useful service and a well needed boost to their technical support teams at no additional cost to them or to you.

Free Home Page Creation and Upload:
The final touch, comes in our designing a free home page for your web site and uploading it to your new web hosting server.

How to receive our free Double Tech Support
offer and a free web page design and upload:

Quick view:

Sign up for web hosting with any company reviewed on our site using our links to them to make the purchase. Links are located on the web hosting features and price page for each company.

Purchase a one year web hosting plan paid in advance.

Notify us by email of your web hosting purchase and include a copy of your purchase confirmation email. That’s all it takes.

Below is a more detailed outline of the steps you need to follow to receive our Double Tech Support and Free web page design and upload.

Very important: Ordering of web hosting services must be done through the links provided on our web site.

(1) You may order web hosting from any Web Hosting company listed in our review pages, however, please note, you must use the links in our web site to access the web hosting company when you sign up with them. This link gives us credit for your order with the web hosting company you order from.

(2) You must order a prepaid one year package with the hosting company. Some hosting specials, free hosting services, and trial hosting services may not qualify to receive our Double Tech Support and Free web page design and upload. Email us before ordering your hosting to confirm qualifying hosting packages.

(3) Immediately after receiving confirmation of your order with your new Web Hosting Company you must email us with a copy of the order confirmation. You can simply forward the web hosting order confirmation email to us.

(4) We will at that time contact you to begin assistance with your DNS records, email set up, and the design and upload of your free web page to your new web hosting server.

Domain Name Registration
If you choose to register a domain name with USDomainRegistrar.com services we will assist you in domain name ideas and the actual registration of the domain name including email addressing, DNS pointing, domain parking, and registry security.

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have:

No robotic email auto-responders here, we’re real people ready to assist you.