Comparing Top Hosting Companies

Making the decision to take your business online is the most important choice a company can make, regardless of its size. Reaching out to new markets and increasing visibility via the internet is perhaps the best way to increase recognition for your business. On top of that, providing customers with the ability to shop for your goods and services, and pay online is becoming the norm in the 21st century. Given the importance of this step in the growth of your business, you’ll need to find the top hosting companies to entrust with the development and growth of your business website.

Everything about your company webpage is going to play a role in attracting customers, convincing them to buy from you, and leave them wanting to come back for more. This means that building, running, and maintaining a website for your company needs to be done as professionally as possible to ensure that customers and others can trust your business. After all, that website is the only impression others will have of your business, so it needs to be good.

When looking through the top hosting companies, individuals need to carefully examine all the services offered. A good hosting company will offer a wide variety of services to keep your website up and running efficiently. Examples of services you should find in a top hosting company include:

  • Storage space: Don’t believe those who promise unlimited storage space, that’s impossible to provide. However, the more they can offer the better.
  • Email service: Your business needs to communicate with customers, and it may be necessary to communicate among the employees of your company. Look for providers with personal email account systems, business, and customer service email.
  • Support: Top hosting companies should be devoted to helping you avoid problems, and fix problems if they arise. Look for a company with several customer support services such as toll free phone numbers, email support, and live chat support.
  • Ecommerce: If you are selling something online, customers need to be able to pay online. Your hosting company should be able to support ecommerce and merchant banking programs in order to make your site viable.

If it seems overwhelming trying to find the top hosting company, that’s because it often is. There are literally thousands of companies out there offering hosting services, and trying to look through each one of them to determine the best one can be time consuming and confusing. This is where comes into play. The group at has gone through all the legwork for you to review and rank the top hosting companies out there to save others the trouble and confusion. tests the services each hosting company provides, performs in depth reviews, and then ranks the companies based upon their performance and abilities. All companies that are reviewed are ranked by The basic ranking structure includes information such as storage capacity, band width, and pricing plans offered. However, they also perform a more in depth analysis of each company and provide that review for all their customers to read. In these reviews you’ll find the grade each of the top hosting companies received. These grades are based upon some of the following criteria:

  • Customer service options (presence or lack thereof of live chat, weekend live chats, toll free numbers, email support, etc.)
  • Reliability of equipment (do they often have equipment failures that lead to downtime?)
  • Ability to solve problems (judgment of hosting company’s ability to resolve customer issues)

If their ranking system isn’t enough to help you decide for yourself which is the top hosting company to choose, also has a tutorial section for those who are new to online business. Among the most useful tips and tutorials customers will find on are sections that help you find a web host, avoid market the ploys of bad web hosts, and even a warning about bad web hosts that are found on the internet.

There are two clear choices when it comes to finding the top hosting companies on the web; you can do all the legwork yourself, or you can just click over to and read through their in depth review of hosting companies to make a quick, informed decision.