The High Importance of Email Hosting Companies

One of the biggest keys to any successful online business is communication. Businesses that rely largely, or entirely, upon their online operations for their success need to have reliable lines of communication open for contact with partners, customers, and other service providers. Because companies that operate the majority of their business online often do not have a physical business location, customers and others only have email as a source of contact with your business. Because of this, it is very important for every online business to select a good email hosting company to support their online endeavor.

The biggest decision many businesses face up front is whether or not to go with a free email hosting company. Every hosting company is offering businesses and individual space on a server to store information and conduct their business over the web. While some companies charge a monthly fee, others do not. Individuals should be wary of free email hosting services though because they sometimes offer basic service that may not appropriately fit the needs of many businesses. Sometimes paying a little bit of money each month for service from a good email hosting company pays dividends in the end because they provide advanced features that make life easier for your business email.

The next step is to decide what kind of email service your company requires. Is your company in need of email services that allow for customers, providers, and partners to easily contact you? Or is the need more for easy contact between individuals within the business? Regardless of the need, many email hosting companies provide quality services with advanced features that allow any business to have a professional email interface. Any new business will have to first decide if they need personal account email hosting, email hosting for business accounts, or group email hosting. Once they have made that decision it is time to decide upon other features your business needs such as:

  • IMAP email hosting
  • Email forwarding options
  • Auto responders
  • Junk e-mail filters
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Backscatter prevention
  • Choice of IMAP name space
  • Security features
  • Auto listing replies
  • Unlimited email addresses

Businesses have a wide variety of email hosting companies to choose from online, some with excellent services and some with less than stellar services. Trying to sift through all the email hosting companies to choose from can be difficult for a number of reasons. First of all, the simple task of sifting through hundreds of companies and their offerings can be time consuming and confusing. On top of that, not everyone is internet savvy and could be easily mislead by information provided by certain companies.

Instead of wasting your own precious time looking for an email hosting company, turn to for their expert advice. has taken it upon themselves to test, review, and rank the best, and worst, email hosting companies available on the web. The services and extra features provided by each company are tested and reviewed in depth to provide consumers with a clear understanding of which email hosting companies are reliable and which ones are not. grades hosting groups based upon some of the following criteria:

  • Ongoing equipment failure
  • Presence of power back-up systems
  • Ability to resolve issues
  • 24 hour email tech support
  • Weekend email tech support
  • Live chat
  • Live chat evenings
  • Live chat weekends
  • Telephone support
  • Toll free support

Life is busy enough and complicated enough as it is and with the stress of starting a new business venture online, the last things individuals need to deal with is the rigor of choosing an email hosting company. Let take the stress out of the situation for you by doing all the legwork and providing you a list of reliable users to choose from. Before choosing an email hosting company, don’t forget to check out the specialized reviews prepared for each company by In there you’ll find detailed information about what each particular hosting group does well and areas where they underachieve.