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The best path to growth and success in business these days is through the internet. Businesses large and small have an invaluable tool at their disposal in the form of a company website. Having a website for your business is a great way to reach out to current customers by providing information, sales, and customer service. A website has the added bonus of allowing companies to extend their business beyond physical borders by marketing their goods and services to customers in different states and nations. Getting started can be difficult however, and determining what web hosting company to trust as your provider can be even trickier.

There are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from online, and finding the best hosting company can be very difficult to do. At the very least, it can be extremely time consuming to sift through the list of possible hosting companies in an effort to narrow down a few to investigate further. is here to make your life simpler however by providing you with a narrowed down list of some of the best hosting companies available on the internet, saving you the hassle of searching yourself. provides users with a list of the best hosting companies online according to their own, in-house research. The companies are ranked on a basic level by the following factors:

  • Storage capacity
  • Band width
  • Pricing plans

The best hosting companies, as reported by, are graded on a scale of 100 points. The review staff at begins by assigning the 100 points to each website, and as they go through their review process sites are docked points for certain issues. The various web hosting companies they review are graded in depth on services that include the following:

  • Recurring equipment issues (-40 pts)
  • Lack of power back-up (-10 pts)
  • Lack of daily back-up servers (-5 pts)
  • Support (such as a lack of certain methods of customer service and an overall failure to resolve issues)
  • Extra services (presence of extra features such as domain add-ons and sub domains)

Individuals looking to start up their own website who are trying to find the best hosting companies can not only see the grades for certain web hosting companies, but they can also read a review to learn the areas in which certain companies excel or fail. doesn’t stop there though, as the site contains additional information on how to choose the best hosting company to help you launch your web page. One of the biggest benefits to this service is the fact that individuals get pointed in the right direction from the get go. For example, recommends that individuals avoid free hosting companies because their services can be detrimental in the end to your goals. These web hosts may offer their service for free, but there is always a catch. Your website often becomes a sub-site of their larger website and can hamper the ability of your webpage to get recognition by search engines. These groups also require individuals to include banners on their site that they have no control over, which could result in an ad for your competition ending up on your site.

There is always another option in life and it is often foolish to go with the first thing we are provided. Trying to find the best hosting company is no different. A good deal of trust is being placed in a web hosting company to provide a quality service that is reliable and will offer help when necessary. Right from the beginning, make things easier on yourself and click on over to where you can sift through reliable information about the best, and worst, hosting companies available on the web. After all, why do the work yourself when someone else has already done it for you?