Web Host Warning!

NOTICE: Beware of dishonest Web Hosting review sites.

To save yourself or your company a lot of time and effort while searching the Net for web hosting services, and even prevent future loss of money, please take the time to read below. This advice carries with it seven years of internet experience.

Is total honesty the norm for all Web Hosting Review sites?
I’ll let you decide while considering that several “web hosting review” sites have stooped so low as to add their personal web hosting reseller sites to the top of their own review list.

Unknowing to you, their “top ten web hosts” list will include several of their own second and even third tier web hosting reseller sites.

No where on their site do they mention that they get paid commissions for every hosting customer that signs up through their “Hosting Review” web site. Nor do they make it known that some of the “independently rated” Top Ten Hosting Companies listed on their hosting chart actually belong to them. This practice is deceitful, unethical, and doesn’t offer you the customer a fair chance at finding good web hosting services for your money and effort.

Enough of the negative, let me tell you why we
offer you a better review of Web Hosting companies.

Admission of income
I’ll get straight to the point. We are a web hosting services review site, one among many, and our business is to critique Web Hosting companies. But do we make money (commissions) from the web hosting companies we review on this web site?

YES, we make money from the web hosting companies we review, and so does EVERY other web hosting review site online. However, our web hosting reviews are legitimately based on our personal experience in dealing with the different web hosting firms. We are critical nearly to a fault, but also fair and very honest. In dealing online, truthfulness is a rarity, when you find it, treat it with great value.

We are very web experienced. We’ve been working online for seven years and currently have 2170 well established and successful E-Commerce web pages online offering Domain Name research and registration, web design and consultation, web hosting reviews, web site promotion services, online banking and payment acceptance systems, and web site security. The links to some of our E-Commerce sites are located at the bottom of the pages in this web site. In keeping our thousands of web pages online we’ve had the pleasure (and displeasure) of dealing with several different hosting companies over the years. We’ve seen and heard just about every thing good and bad in the web hosting business.

We not only offer Web Hosting company reviews, but we also are affiliates of excellent Web Hosting Companies. Here are a few questions that we are often asked as affiliates of web hosting companies:

Does it cost me more for web hosting services
if I sign up through HostingCompanies.com?
No, not one penny more than the web hosting company’s prices posted on their web site .

Can I get a web hosting services for less money
if I don’t sign up through HostingCompanies.com?
No, the web hosting company’s prices are set. We do not add any fees to the hosting company’s prices.

Do I receive everything that is offered by the hosting
company that I decide to go with or are you reselling a
different or less than standard package to make a profit?
Not to be confused, we are not selling you a web hosting package. We are offering to assist you with the technical services aspect of getting your web site online which includes advice, actual assistance with your server set up, and additional technical support. You will be purchasing your web hosting services directly from the hosting company of your choice. If the web host is offering a sale, discount, or a special at the time you sign up with them through us you are guaranteed to receive any posted offer just as stated on their web site. Our commission fee is paid to us by the hosting company after you sign up with them and has no affect on your costs or the services rendered by the hosting company.

Allow us to suggest that you do get special attention from the hosting companies when signing up through our HostingCompanies.com review site. Remember, nothing garners respect faster in the business world than the sword of publicity.

This next question comes from people with an entrepreneurial spirit:

Can I get my personal hosting services any cheaper
if I first become an affiliate or a reseller to a hosting company?
No. Once your application to become an affiliate to a hosting company is accepted you can order your personal site’s web hosting through your affiliate site, but the hosting company tracks all sales and will not pay you a commission for it. We pay for our own server space and bandwidth for all of our web sites located within reviewed hosting companies..

Many web hosting companies will allow you to resell their hosting services, but you are required to buy a good size amount of disc space and bandwidth to do so. You’ll also be responsible for all customer technical support as long as your customers are in your reseller server.

Double Technical Support ®
We are the only Web Hosting review site online that offers Double Technical Support. Double Technical Support is our unique way of getting your web site up and running online quickly and with as little headache to you as possible. Not only will you receive the normal tech support offered by your new web hosting company, but we’ll be working right along side you for those initial critical steps necessary to going online.